Tablet Stand Air

The Tablet Stand Air is our value for money solution for using tablets in standing position. The shape was based on the Tablet Stand Original, however implemented in a simplified variation.

The characteristic lines, produced in high quality powder coated metal, create a distinctive though slim base frame. The transparent acrylic front accomodates space for branding and holds the tablet in a 'floating' position.

In order to customize the stand with corporate branding, we offer custom sticker service. However this stand will be noticed even without artwork. This product is ready from stock - to be  shipped within 24 hours if needed. The tablet is well protected against theft and can be connected to a power supply - the wiring can be lead along the frame.


Pricing for a Tablet Stand Air starts at  € 775,-  excluding VAT.

This excludes transport, additional logo, extra features and / or tablet.

For larger orders we offer a custom price. Please fill in the order form to receive a quotation or ask specific questions.

Options & Details

The stand is currently available in black or white frame. At this moment the stands support iPad 2 - 4. In the future there will be other tablet stand versions available. The orientation of the stand is fixed, which means you have to choose portrait / landscape version before ordering the stands.

For stands that are often transported a special flightcase is optional. The flightcase can be handled by a single person and provides maximum protection for the stand.

Swipespot Tablet Stand Frontview

Swipespot Tablet Stand Topview __Swipespot Tablet Stand Topview back

Swipespot Tablet Stand Bottom swipespot_tablet_stand_air_detail __Swipespot Tablet Stand Dimensions

Swipespot Tablet Stand Possibilities __Swipespot Tablet Stand Colors

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