Swipespot Tablet Stand

The Swipespot™ tablet stand provides an elegant and outstanding presentation for interactive communication. Whether your message is in retail, at exhibitions or in health care, this tablet stand will invite people to browse your message. Its innovative Dutch Design is ergonomic, functional and above all very stylish. Choose a custom color and add the corporate logo to create your ultimate communication tool.

The tablet stand offers the opportunity to create a look that fits your organization. Swipespot™ only supplies custom versions, meaning clients determine color, logo and tablet type. The tablet stand is made of a white coated base and covered by a metal skin, including illuminated logo. The tablet is well protected against theft and can be connected to a power supply.


The price for a single tablet stand is € 1575,- excluding VAT.

This includes custom color and logo. Excluding transport, extra features and tablet.

For larger orders we offer a custom price. Please fill in the order form to receive a quotation or ask your questions.

Options & Details

The stand is modular constructed and provides several options. Besides color and logo you can choose different metal covers, dependant on which tablet will be used, is it used portrait or landscape and the necessity to access fysical buttons. The tablet is protected by the cover, which is locked with a key. The total stand can be fastened to the floor if needed.

The custom logo is illuminated by LED which guarantees a long lifespan and no damage caused by external impact. Logo’s can be up to 300 mm high and 120 mm wide.

For stands that are often transported a special flightcase is optional. The flightcase can be handled by a single person and provides maximal protection for the stand.

Soon additional features will be available for the stand. There will be a version with a small printer inside as well a version with a small beamer. Also in short time we will bring a version with high end audio inside.

Swipespot Tablet Stand Frontview

Swipespot Tablet Stand Topview __Swipespot Tablet Stand Topview back

Swipespot Tablet Stand Bottom Detail __Swipespot Tablet Stand Dimensions

Swipespot Tablet Stand Possibilities __Swipespot Tablet Stand Colors

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