Omnihost 22 inch Kiosk

­The Swipespot Omnihost is a kiosk specially developed for all omnichannel and service needs. It’s sleek body can house touch screens up to 22 inch. It provides ample space inside for mini-pc’s, printers and other hardware. Payment terminals and scanners (rfid, barcode) can easily be mounted on top, making the Omnihost the perfect POS and POP kiosk for retail environments.

The characteristic Dutch Design of Omnihost sets the new ergonomic standard for multi-touch displays: The screen is at a perfect angle for consumers to browse interactive content. The position of the optional extra payment terminal makes electronic transactions very easy. The coated steel base makes the stand highly durable while a discrete plastic back guarantees a clear wireless signal. The Omnihost comes pre-assembled, so setting up the kiosk is a matter of plug and play. Optional is also shipping in parts which highly reduces shipping volume.

The Omnihost kiosk is suitable for screens from 17 to 22 inch, or for professional tablets (iPad Pro), and can be finished in custom colors and branding: the possibilities for customization are endless.



The price for a single Omnihost 22 inch Kiosk starts at € 1.175,- (ex VAT)  excluding touch screen and mini-pc.

For larger orders we offer quantity discounts. Please fill in the information request form to receive additional information or a quotation. And of course you can always call or email us, we’re ready to help you find the perfect solution to meet your needs!

Swipespot Omnihost kiosk 3d

Swipespot Omnihost kiosk frontview __Swipespot Omnihost kiosk sideview

Swipespot Omnihost kiosk 3d __Swipespot Omnihost kiosk touch

Swipespot Omnihost kiosk back view __Swipespot Omnihost kiosk top view 



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